Measures for COVID19

We will deliver safety and security with thorough measures.

1) Our facility is reserved for one building and there is no contact with other customers.
There is no contact with other guests because the accommodation service is limited to one group, which is also a feature of the rental villa.

2) Installation of high-concentration alcohol disinfectant
"Designated quasi-drugs" We have installed hand sanitizers with an alcohol concentration of 70% or more.
* Some items with a concentration of less than 70% may be included due to lack of stock.

3) Thorough measures for staff
・ We wipe and clean the doorknobs, handrails, and other parts that your fingers touch.
・ Check-in is available by "shortening face-to-face time" or "non-face-to-face".
・ Staff will wear masks and strive for daily health observation.